The benefit of  Master of Business Administration are clear: there is a substantial improvement in wage remuneration, an extension of the network of contacts, knowledge management tools, greater opportunities to access a management position and growing demand for professionals highly qualified, are some of the reasons why you should be focusing your interest in studying any MBA.

So before you follow an MBA it is important to consider follow some tips:

Align your career:

To avail more benefits of MBA, you must have well – defined your career and determine if it is required to follow the course. This is important because the investment in time and money is considerable and should meditate carefully. The alignment of your career goals will also help you better choose the type of MBA program that meets your needs. For example, if you’re working in a multinational company and you want to scale to a management position, it is important to find out the center of master’s degrees in business that your company considers most prestigious; however if you are an entrepreneur and you want to run your own company, you could avoid the most expensive and prestigious schools and opt for something cheaper but good quality.

The Economic Factor is Important:

This type of academic programs is quite costly. It should be noted that each academic center offers various plans according to the availability of student time. Study centers also offer financing facilities and that is why I recommend that first you find out what the financial support plan can offer.

Consider Preparation Online:

Option studies online MBA are taking increasing popularity, this due to improvements related to technology that makes possible the exchange of information online, coupled with the wide range of benefits offered by these programs. One of the strengths of online training is schedule flexibility, allowing you to work and study simultaneously without having to waste time or money to the study center, in addition to the touch with people from different parts of the world, which implements the true concept of global networking. This type of preparation is well suited to self – educated people. Online MBA also provides Dissertation help. You can easily collect the information and details about your topic of dissertation in a wide range. Although dissertation is supposed to be the most daunting task for the students but online dissertation help provides you some easy techniques which help you a lot in completion of your dissertation. You can also research about your topic from several resources and by taking dissertation help you can give your professors exactly what they want.


This type of preparation combine work and personal relationships will require the maximum of your effort. Many MBA students have no free time at all, so don’t be disheartened that all sacrifice is worth it. Beware of the stress that can seriously affect your health. I recommend taking vitamin supplements and follow a proper diet. Perseverance is the key to everything and you should always keep focus of your mind why you decided to undertake this major project.

Following an MBA Full Time or Part Time Best One:

To let the job follow your MBA?  According  to Henry Mintzberg  in his book  Managers Not MBAs, he emphasizes the need to train managers who focus not only in theory but also in practice administration, criticizing the training of young students with little experience in the real world and suggests focus training around the actual practice of management and not focus only on science.

The fact prepare while you work gives you a better perspective and greater use of the course, since among classmates can share their work experiences and be enriched together. Beside the benefit of the knowledge acquired in the classroom whether real or virtual can be put into practice for the good of the company.


SpaceX Rocket Landing: An amazing feat for modern engineering!

On December 21, 2015, for the first time in history, mankind managed to land a rocket back on Earth. SpaceX’s falcon 9, after delivering 11 satellites, successfully made a controlled descent flight…

Source: SpaceX Rocket Landing: An amazing feat for modern engineering!

SpaceX Rocket Landing: An amazing feat for modern engineering!

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

On December 21, 2015, for the first time in history, mankind managed to land a rocket back on Earth. SpaceX’s falcon 9, after delivering 11 satellites, successfully made a controlled descent flight back home; something which had never been done before. A number of landings followed, with successful attempts at landing the rockets in the middle of the sea on drone ships! Needless to say, SpaceX is fulfilling the vision of Elon Musk, the amazing mind who founded it in 2002 as a civilian space company helping with cheap space travel and colonization of Mars.


SpaceX faced two failures: in January 2016, when attempting to land on a maritime platform, the rocket crashed. April 14, 2016, third attempt, still at sea, and the same result. This time, the Falcon 9 had touched the platform almost vertically before losing balance and crashing – An almost success!

Spacex launch postponed

However, that didn’t stop the ambitious space company. After the first failure on sea, SpaceX had already successfully landed a rocket on a drone ship on April 8, 2016, achieving a milestone that other space corporations can only dream of.

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Pakistan ranked first in world best armies. Other armies may be larger in number but the spirit of Pakistani army is incredible. USA also agreed with our army unity, faith and discipline and they also said that “With My Weapons and Pakistan Army Spirit I Can Conquer the Whole World”. Pakistani soldiers believe in martyrdom and they can go to any limit to save their country and to achieve their goals. They will fight to save their country till their last breath. Although Pakistani army don’t have advanced equipment like USA, INDIA or RUSSIA has but the spirits and bravery of Pakistani soldiers is above from all the armies of the world and that is the reason that Pakistani army is on the top of all the armies. Our ISI is number one intelligence of the world and our nuclear program is far much better than India and many other armies. Pakistan army is a well-trained army of the world. Our soldiers don’t afraid from death they join army to serve their country and to be martyred. Pakistan army has the highest requirement. Pakistan Army is best in all aspects like Patriotism, Will power, bravery, Physical and mental endurance. Pakistan won more wars than Indians and Indians should keep this in mind that No one can beat us because Pakistani Army officially ranked number 1 bravest army of the world.



United State is the most highly trained army of the world. They have the world best equipment. USA’s military budget is huge and it’s bigger than almost all the militaries of the world. USA has biggest technology and latest equipment because of their big budget. US also know the tactics of winning the war and hence they invented the ‘Snipers’ for the first time. US Army is statistically the military with the most strength in terms of power and they have the highest amount of nuclear powers in the world. US Army is one of the largest and strongest Army of the world. It has most sophisticated fighter jets, battle tanks, warships, submarines and so on. Well no, doubt after Pakistan, US Army is supposed to be the world best army of the world.


  1. INDIA:

Indian Army is the third bigger Army of the world. They have the huge military and highest technologies. They serve their country with great zeal and enthusiasm their spirit are very high but the reason they are still on number third instead of number one is that they sometimes cheated in their wars and specially in the wars  against Pakistan. They are also patriotic and always there to die for their country. They loved their motherland. India also got the title of peace loving country of the world by UNO. They have well developed equipment and large number of soldiers and weapons but they don’t have good tactics of winning the war.


  1. CHINA:

China Army is on the fourth number among the armies of the world. China is on the fourth number just because the number of its military. It has the large number of population also and it has the large number of military also. But China is one of the fastest growing superpowers in the world. China Army’s military is becoming the most advanced military of the world in short span of time. China Army actually knows how to fight and they rely more on soldier spirit than technology. China’s soldier also has knowledge of kung fu, and that is why they are much stronger physically and they are also larger in numbers. They are not best as they are on number fourth but they are very much stronger than many other armies of the world.


Well, there are more armies who listed in top ten but these four armies are on the top of the list and everyone thinks hundred times before having mess with them!


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